Maternal and neonatal data collection systems in low- and middle-income countries: scoping review protocol

A recent analysis reported that most vaccine pharmacovigilance systems in low- and middle-income countries consist of spontaneous (passive) adverse event reporting. Thus, LMICs need effective active surveillance approaches, such as pregnancy registries.

Maternal Immunization Safety Monitoring in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Roadmap for Program Development

It is a critical time to formulate an organized and comprehensive approach to monitoring safety of maternal immunizations in low- and middle-income countries and thereby track safety and effectiveness to ensure program success and public confidence.

Mapping the landscape of global programmes to evaluate health interventions in pregnancy: the need for harmonised approaches, standards and tools

Pregnant women and their babies are among the populations most vulnerable to untoward health outcomes. Yet current standards for evaluating health interventions cannot be met during pregnancy because of lack of adequate evidence.

Maternal interventions vigilance harmonization in low- and middle-income countries: Stakeholder meeting report; Amsterdam, May 1–2, 2018

Although major reductions in maternal and child mortality were achieved in the Millennium Development Goals era, progress must be accelerated to meet Sustainable Development Goals health targets by 2030.